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his technical skill is amongst the best i have ever heard

Expert coaching

  • decades of industry experience

  • hundreds of clients

Trusted voice actor

Friendly, believable and warm


Award nominated voice actor & coach.

Let me bring your story to life!

Hello, I’m DAVID BLAIR, a versatile, naturally RP voice actor, trusted by a diverse range of clients, and a passionate coach & teacher who empowers actors and leaders.  Explore my services or schedule a consultation today!

Voice acting

With a friendly and believable style, I'm a versatile voice actor with a proven track record.

I will help your character shine and bring your stories to life.

As a trusted, naturally RP, British voice actor I am perfectly placed to breathe life into your words and make your story come alive.

Teaching & coaching

I'm passionate about helping others and nurturing people's talent.

As a coach and teacher I help unlock potential and enable people to excel across a range of disciplines, including acting, personal development and leadership and executive coaching

What people are saying

'I cannot recommend David highly enough, he works very quickly, is a true professional and I was impressed with the quality of his final product. David is the real deal.  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Sarah Plumley

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